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British Airways
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British Airways Jobs

British Airways Airline Jobs
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British Airways has built a solid reputation as a strong, competitive leader in the airline industry. British Airways Airline Jobs provide career-oriented environment that operate each day in a customer-focused, innovative, and team-based environment. Detailed information about British Airways Cabin Crew Jobs openings and Airport Jobs vacancy is also available online.

It is a founding member of Oneworld Airlines Alliance. The attractive frequent flyer program of British Airways is Executive Club that provides free award miles to the passengers.

Customers Services:
Customers Services provide different jobs that are listed below:
Cabin Crew
Working as a member of our British Airways Cabin Crew Jobs are responsible for delivering outstanding customer service in all conditions, responsible for passenger safety in the cabin. Its social life can be great fun.
Cabin Crew Support
Supporting an operation of office based, presents huge management and logistical challenges. They meet to challenges head on.
Insight Pre-course work
Who joins us within In-flight Services is part of your induction program, consisting of a series of workbooks, questionnaires and essential information.

British Airways Jobs

British Airways Job Opportunities:  

    1. Commercial:
    Contact BA
    A career in contact BA with British Airways is about selling over the phone and other media.
    Customer Relations
    A career in Global Customer Relations with British Airways is about dealing with customer problems over the phone and other media.
    Field Sales
    Field Sales manages and develops relationships in two main areas, is corporate customers, primarily companies whose employees engage in a significant amount of business travel. The second area is the leisure sector, where we work closely with travel agents and tour operators.
    World Sales Delivery
    World Sales Delivery is there to offer our Field Sales teams the backing and expertise they need in order to take advantage of new opportunities and developments within the marketplace. Most of their responsibilities are focused on the following areas: Sales Effectiveness, Alliance Sales, Sales Strategy and Global Distribution

    2. e Business & I.T
    E commerce:
    Who join us to be a constantly challenged, driven by results, encouraged and rewarded. It's certainly no place for people who like to remain inside their comfort zone.
    E procurement:
    People will assume you're talking about catalogue spending or purchasing through the internet.
    E Working:
    Working with effectively and efficiently, with speed and about simplifying processes, eliminating non-value added activities and automating routine tasks.
    You would have to efficient sales and reservations services to electronic ticketing initiatives, from systems that plan the optimum use of fuel to devising the latest in in-flight entertainment; we are busy creating competitive advantage for British Airways and our global alliance partners.

    3. Technical Operations:
    Person should challenging careers and it involves much more than traditional aviation skills.
    Flight Training:
    It provides training to assessing the quality of its flight training. It providing aircraft type conversion courses and ongoing training for our flight crew, as well as those working for other customers
    It ensures the safety of aircraft so that our customers can continue to keep their promises to their customers.
    Airport Operation:
    Airport Operations is the focal point for all British Airways incoming and outgoing flights to and from the Heathrow and Gatwick Terminals.

    4. Corporate Services:
    Ours is a complicated business, in which commercial activities are increasingly based on a web of relationships with different airline and commercial partners.
    Human Resource:
    In the People Department, aware that the way people in British Airways behave towards each other has a direct impact on the way they behave towards our customers.
    Finance has a crucial role to play across the airline. Our industry becomes increasingly intense, so our contribution to ensuring a profitable organization becomes more important than ever.

    5. Graduate opportunities and Training Schemes:
    A graduate should choose to embark upon a career with British Airways. One is the sheer diversity of our business.
    Engineering Scheme:
    Our recruitment needs vary according to the demands of the business, possible to join us at all levels.
Contact Details:
The Rivers
Silver Jubilee Way
off The Parkway
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