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A Malaysia Airlines Tickets are the main reservation evidence of any customers that is issued by the Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia Airlines is an airline, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is the fourth largest airlines in the world. 5-star rating has been awarded to the Malaysia Airlines by Skytrax. The airline flights cover more than 100 destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Oceania regions. It also provides domestic network, cargo services and charter services. The airline was founded in May 1947. Its main base is Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Malaysia Airlines offers various types of tickets like one-way, multi-city and round-trip tickets.

Malaysia Airlines Fares are very reasonable suitable for every customers as per their budget. Fares vary depending upon the different class, – First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. A special range of discounts and fares are also available in Malaysia Airlines. The First Class tickets are most expensive, while the Economy Class tickets are cheaper.

Malaysia Airlines Booking for cheap flight tickets reservations is available online now. Check for Malaysia Airlines Flight Schedule before booking your air tickets. The frequent flyer program is Enrich by Malaysia Airlines Grads that offers great facilities to the passengers.

Low Fare Malaysia Airlines Tickets Reservations

Malaysia Airlines Tickets Booking and Reservations:  

    Children Fares:
    Children up to 14 years old (12 years old for Inter-Island travel) are not allowed to book their flight reservations online if they are traveling alone.

    Pet Travel Information:
    Pets are permitted only on flights leaving the State of Malaysia or the inter-island flights. The age of dogs or cats must exceed eight weeks and must be fully weaned. $35.00 – charges are applied for pets in between points within the State of Malaysian State and $175.00 - Between any other points serviced by Malaysia Airlines.

    Malaysia Airline Reservation

    Reservations and ticketing service of Malaysia Airlines allow you can select the flights of your choice, avail arrival and departure information or reconfirm upcoming flight. Malaysia Airlines Ticket reservation can be made from airport desk, via telephone, or online, through the official website of Malaysia Airlines. Pre-allocated seating facilities are also offered by the Malaysia Airlines at the time of reservation.

    Malaysia Airlines Discounts

    So many discounts and offers are provided by Malaysia Airlines to its customers. You can come to know about more offers through their website on the Internet. Some weekend flight discounts called ‘Weekend Supersavers’ and vacation package discounts called ‘Golden Holidays’ are also available online. Some additional discounts are available under the loyalty program of Malaysia Airlines called ‘Enrich’.

    Check in Facilities
    Exclusive Front-End Check-In Area


    Avoid queues with personalized service at Kuala Lumpur International Airport


    Available for Enrich Platinum Members, Enrich Gold Members, First Class & Golden Club Class passengers.

    Advance Check-In


    Have your baggage dropped off and tagged 8 hours before take off. If flying in a group, check-in the day before 6pm onwards.


    Counters are open 4am – 12pm daily.

    Return Check-In


    Enjoy a one-time check-in to multiple destinations, within Malaysia or to Singapore.


    Confirm your return trip, baggage check-in is not required.

    No Baggage Check-In


    Enjoy a speedier check-in without luggage.


    For travel within Malaysia or from Kuching to Singapore.

    Telephone Check-In


    Check-in via telephone and arrive at airport 30mins before take-off (40mins with check-in baggage).


    Available for Enrich Gold Members, First Class & Golden Club Class passengers.


    Telephone Check-in Hotline 1-300-88-3000 (within Malaysia only)

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