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Spirit Airlines Tickets is a receipt document issued by an airline that provides you a permission to travel different destinations of Spirit Airlines flights. Spirit Airlines started its operations in 1980. It is providing fast and reliable service throughout United States. Spirit Airlines is based in Florida. It serves its flights to 32 destinations with 125 flights daily. Spirit Airlines provides the good and most comfortable services to the passengers at affordable rates.


There are two different classes are mentioned below:
Big Plus Seat
Deluxe Leather Seating (Economy)

The frequent flyer program of Spirit Airlines is known as FREE SPIRIT that provides exclusive benefits to the travellers. Book Spirit Airlines Cheap Tickets Reservations online. You may check Spirit Airlines Flight schedule available online.

Passengers can reserve Spirit Airlines Tickets through online, telephone or through Tickets office at airport. Spirit Airline also facilitates online flight reservation, cancellation and modification of tickets for passengerís convenience.

Low Fare Spirit Airlines Tickets Reservations

Spirit Airlines Tickets Reservations and Booking:  

    As per act of National Internal Revenue Code, a 12% VAT is added to the total amount of ticket transactions for domestic and international services. Our domestic and international fares rate sheet is available for download online. A segment tax of $3.40 is not included in the flight charges. Government taxes are excluded from international itineraries. Both refundable and non-refundable Spirit Airline Tickets are available as per the required conditions.

    Spirit Airlines facility

    Some special facilities are available such as:
    • Spirit Airlines Cheap tickets
    • Events and Concert Tickets
    • Special vacation Tickets (limited)
    • Free airline Tickets


    Spirit Airlines can only guarantee the transportation of one (1) item as checked luggage per fare-paying customer at the airport. A carry-on bag must fit under your seat or in the overhead bin. Carry-on bag dimensions may not exceed 22" x 13" x 10" (56cm + 33cm + 25cm).

    Bags that may be overweight or oversized at the time of check-in will be charged accordingly.


    Present through February 19, 2008

    $5 Online/ $10 Airport

    Effective February 20, 2007 and beyond Checked Baggage Charges

    $10 Online/$20 Airport

    Overweight (51- 70 lbs. / 23 - 32 kg)

    $ 25.00

    Overweight (71 - 99 lbs. / 32 -; 45 kg)


    Oversized (62+ linear inches / 158+ cm)


    Oversized (80+ linear inches / 203+ cm)



    Within weight and size

    $100 Online or Airport

    Overweight (51 – 70 lbs. / 23 - 32 kg)

    $  25.00

    Overweight (71 – 99 lbs. / 32 – 45 kg)


    Oversized (62+ linear inches / 158+ cm)


    Oversized (80+ linear inches / 203+ cm)



    Cancellation of Spirit Airlines ticket prior to payment is possible without penalty regardless of booking channel. Cancellation of refundable tickets can be done in the GDS. You are requested to send us an email to to ensure the processing of the refund.


    Any fee will not be charged for the changes and or modifications conducted within 45 minutes of the original booking. Changes and modifications to GDS generated PNRs can be made through website for a fee of $60.00, whereas changes and modifications made via the GDS or via the Spirit Airlines reservation or sales support desk will incur a $70.00 change fee.

    In Advance Online, up to one hour before flight departure, via Spiritís web site
Contact Details:
General Reservations 800-772-7117


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