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Asiana Airlines
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Asiana Airlines Cargo

Asiana Cargo
Asiana Airlines Cargo permits a vast array of products to be transported on its carriers. Cargo products are allotted according to flights, i.e., consignments are shipped as per client reservations. Asiana Airlines Cargo is an airline based in Seoul, South Korea.

It was established in 1988 and its Freight services were started in 1992. The airline is the second largest in South Korea. Its international hub is located at Incheon International Airport and the domestic hub is at Gimpo International Airport.

Main Hubs:
Incheon International Airport

Gimpo International Airport

Asiana Airlines Cargo fleet comprises following aircrafts:
Boeing 747-400F - 5
Boeing 747-400BCF - 3
Boeing 767-300F - 1
Asiana Airlines Cargo

Product Structure:
Rapid 988
Rapid General
Rapid Special
Rapid Express
Rapid Mail

  • Europe

  • North America
    Los An0geles
    New York City
    Republic of Korea
  • Asia
    Hong Kong
    People’s Republic of China

Asiana Airlines Cargo Services:
    Asiana Airlines Cargo offers a wide range of special services to meet the client’s unique shipping needs is as follows:

  • Asiana’s skilled Load Masters provide an optimized transportation environment for your individual goods through shipping simulation.

  • New Process Control System (CSP) of Asiana Cargo carefully monitors every process of cargo transport. This system helps you verify every transport process of your valuable goods in real-time, which ranges from storage, loading, transporting and delivery.
  • Services range from general cargo to Charter Service, Sea & Air, and AMX product package.

  • The Asiana Airlines Cargo introduces a vast range of Unit Load Devices (ULD): Containers and Pallets.

  • Rapid special is Cargo Transport Services that require special care of Living animals, agricultural and marine products, medical supplies, high tech products, semiconductors, exhibits, and fine arts pieces.

Contact Details:
    Regional cargo sales office
    Mirae Plaza 10F,
    165 -1, Dongkyo- Dong, Mapo-Ku,
    Seoul, Korea.
    Seoul Cargo sales District Office:
    Asiana Airlines,
    Gimpo airport asiana cargo service 281,
    Konghanag- Dong,Kangseo-Ku,
    Seoul, Korea

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