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China Travel Guide

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China Tours

If you are planning for China tours on sightseeing trip to this fantastic country or a business trip to the burgeoning economy helps you to conduct your travels without any hassles. China travel guide offers a great value for both kinds of tourists. There are innumerable tourist spots like the redoubtable China Wall to the wonderful ultra modern cities and the taste of the ancient culture that fascinates any visitor.

China travel guide

China is one of the oldest cultures that have continued to survive for centuries unchanged. In spite of modernization one can see the distinct traits of Chinese culture in terms of traditions, cuisine, dress and arts. On the other hand China economy has attained formidable growth in past few decades and the growth has astounded the world. It is predicted that in few decades economy of China will surpass all other countries in the world.

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China Tourism:  
    Economy of China started on its fantastic growth trail in 80s when it collaborated with USA shedding of its communist past. With its billion plus population of hard working people it has made it possible to be a great economic power in the world. Important business areas of China are Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Weihai and Shenzen etc.

    The main attraction for the tourists of China are The Great Wall, Heavenly lake, Mount Tai, Temple of Heaven, Wuyi mountains, Shaolin temple and hundreds of other famous historic places. Many of these places depict the great achievements of Chinese culture. Being a vast country one needs to properly choose and plan the places one wishes to visit. China Travel Guide offers complete information about all the places of interest and also gives the details of the accommodation and travelling arrangements to make your trip smooth.

    China Travel Guide also helps you to plan your travelling so that you can fully enjoy the trip to this wonderful country.

Tourist Destinations in China:
Hong Kong