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Belgrade Tourism

Belgrade Tours and Travel Guide

Belgrade Tourism

Belgrade Travel Guide
Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia located between the banks of two rivers Sava and Danube. It is the largest city of Serbia and third largest in Southern Europe. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities of Europe with trace backs to 6th millennium BC. It is now one of the territorial cities in Serbia with 17 municipalities. Belgrade has always been the central economic hub of Serbia.

 Old Palace, Belgrade Old Court

Belgrade has always been regarded as the birthplace of largest pre historic culture of Europe. It is the fourth largest city of Europe after Istanbul, Athens and Bucharest. The city is famous for its culture, science, and education and is a wonderful city to explore as Belgrade tourist attractions.

Belgrade Climate
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Belgrade Tourist Attractions
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 Sava bridge in Belgrade

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Belgrade Time
 St. Mark's Church in Belgrade

 statue of Prince Mihailo III on Republic Square in Belgrade

 Belgrade Fortress