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Cheboksary Tourism

Cheboksary Tours and Travel Guide

Cheboksary Tourism

Cheboksary Travel Guide
Cheboksary is one of the most beautiful cities in the province of Russia. Cheboksary is a capital city of Chuvash Republic in Russia. Cheboksary is mainly divided into three separate districts namely Kalininsky, Leninsky, and Moskovsky. It is also popular as one of the major port on the Volga River. It is wonderful tourist destination with most of the attractions including historical monuments, famous cathedrals, museums & galleries, and much more.

 Artificial Bay in Downtown Cheboksary Russia

One more reason for the fame of this city is the saintly nature of the people living here. Visit the city with cheap flights to Cheboksary. These cheap tickets are offered by many low cost airlines all over the world.

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 Cheboksary Winters in Russia

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Cheboksary Time
 Saint Vladimir Church in Cheboksary

 Chuvashia-EXPO exhibition center in Cheboksary

 Agricultural Academy, Cheboksary