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Dublin Climate

Dublin Weather

Dublin Climate

Dublin experiences a maritime temperate climate
The Dublin climate is highly characterized by cool summers and mild winters. The average high temperature recorded in the month of January is 8C. The average maximum temperature in the month of July remains around 19C. May and June are supposed to be the sunniest months in Dublin. Summer days in Dublin are relatively long with more than 17 hours of daylight. This is basically due to the northerly latitude of Dublin city.

Weather today in Dublin:

 Custom House in Dublin

December is the wettest month in Dublin and the average precipitation recorded in this month is 76 mm. On the other hand February being the driest month shows average rainfall of around 50 mm. The annual average precipitation in Dublin is approx 732mm.

If compared with the rest of Ireland, Dublin is relatively safe from natural disasters. Snowfall along with hail occurs during the months of October to May.

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