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Malaga Tourism

Malaga Tours and Travel

Malaga Tourism

Planning to explore the charm of the beautiful Malaga city?
Malaga is a beautiful city of Andalusia, Spain. Andalusia is the Autonomous Community in Spain. Malaga is second largest city in Andalusia and sixth largest in Spain in terms of population. It is also eighth largest city in Europe. It is located on the Costa del Sol (Coat of the Sun) in southern Spain near Strait of Gibraltar.

Malaga Beach

Besides being one of the important historic archeological centers in the world, Malaga is famous for its diversifying rich culture and art that attract local as well as overseas tourists. The location of the city between mountains and sea makes the city wonderful like a paradise on the earth.

Malaga Tourist Attractions
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Cathedral of Malaga

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Castle of Gibralfaro in Malag

Civic Center in Malaga

San Juan Bautista Church in Malaga