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Tirana Tourism

Tirana Tours and Travel Guide

Tirana Tourism

Travel Guide for Tirana Albania
Being the capital city of the Republic of Albania, Tirana is the largest city in Albania in Southeastern Europe. Municipality of Tirana is located on the banks of the river Ishem. This beautiful city is world famous for wonderful artificial lakes namely Tirana Lake, Farka Lake, Kodėr-Kamėz Lake, and Tufina Lake.

 Taiwan Center, Rinia Park in Tirana

The best part is that all the laws are made by the constitution of their republic without involving the arrogance of political clans. Rich culture of the city attracts global tourists.

Tirana Tourist Attractions
Tirana Climate
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 Tirana City

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Tirana Time
 Et'hem Bey Mosque in Tirana

 St Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral in Tirana

 Oldest Mosques in the country in Tirana