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Air Nauru

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Nauru Airlines
Earlier known as Our Airlines, it is the national airline of the Central Pacific's Republic of Nauru. The airline started operations in February 1970. It serves the beautiful islands of Micronesia, in Caroline, Gilbert, Marianas and Marshall Island groups. In 2006, Air Nauru has adopted a new merchandising name Our Airline. Its destinations include Brisbane, Melbourne, Guam in US Micronesia, Manila in the Philippines, Nadi in Fiji, Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia and Tarawa in Kiribati. Main base of Air Nauru is Nauru International Airport. The airline is now operating by the name of Nauru Airlines.

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Nauru Airlines Flights Schedule & Time Table:
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Main Hubs:
  • Nauru International Airport
  • (Primary Hubs)

The Fleet consists of these aircrafts:
  • Boeing 737-300 - 4
  • Boeing 737-300F - 1

Nauru Airlines Profile

    The airline provides regular flights from Australia to Honiara, Nauru, Tarawa, and Majuro in 2001. Service to Nadi, Fiji, was discontinued in early 2006. In June 2006, Air Nauru airline took delivery of a new Boeing 737-300 aircraft, purchased with financial support from the Government of Taiwan.

    The new plane entered into the service on September 2006, with a twice-weekly service from Brisbane to Honiara, Nauru, Tarawa, and Majuro. Air Nauru has been reframed as 'Our Airline' to symbolize its ongoing commitment to the countries of the Central Pacific. Later it started operating in the name of Nauru Airlines.

Nauru Airlines Destinations

  • Brisbane
  • Australia - Brisbane Airport

  • Majuro
  • Marshall Islands - Marshall Islands International Airport

  • Nadi
  • Fiji - Nadi International Airport

  • Tarawa
  • Kiribati - Bonriki International Airport

  • Pohnpei
  • Micronesia - Pohnpei International Airport

  • Honiara
  • Solomon Islands - Honiara International Airport

  • Yaren
  • Nauru - Nauru International Airport


Contact Details

    Nauru International Airport
    PO Box 40 Republic of Nauru

    Level 2, 99 Creek Street
    Brisbane QLD 4000

    PO Box 10355 Adelaide Street
    Brisbane QLD 4000



    Australia – Nauru Airlines
    (Within Australia)
    Tel: 1300 369 044

    Emergency reservations queries:
    Tel: +61 499 044 250

    International Callers
    Tel: +61 7 3229 6455

    Nauru – Nauru Airlines
    (Within Nauru)
    Tel: 5577000

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