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MAT Macedonian Airlines

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MAT Macedonian Airlines
This was an airline, based in Skopje of Macedonia. It was founded in January 1994. MAT Macedonian Airlines used to operate scheduled flights between Skopje and Ohrid and several destinations in Europe. Its main base was Skopje Airport.

The airline ceased to operate all its flight services in September, 2009.

Main Hubs:
  • Ohrid Airport
  • Skopje Airport
  • (Primary Hubs)

Flights of MAT Macedonian

The Fleet used to consist of:
  • Boeing 737-500 - 1

MAT Macedonian Airlines Profile

    MAT Macedonian Airlines started its operations in June 1994 from Skopje to Zurich to Skopje (SKP-ZRH-SKP) using a Boeing 737-200 aircraft.

    The airline was wholly owned by Zlatko Petrovski and Zivko Gruevski. In 2000, the Government of Republic of Macedonia signed an agreement with MAT Macedonian Airlines. In November 2004, it purchased its first own aircraft CRJ 900.

MAT Macedonian Airlines Destinations

  • Macedonia
  • Ohrid - Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport Base
  • Skopje - Skopje Alexander the Great Airport Base

  • Netherlands
  • Amsterdam - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Maastricht - Maastricht Airport

  • Austria
  • Vienna - Vienna International Airport

  • Serbia
  • Belgrade - Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

  • Switzerland
  • Zürich - Zürich Airport


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