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Our Airlines

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Our Airlines
This was national airline based in Nauru. The airline was formerly known as ‘Air Nauru’. It was established in 1970. Our Airlines used to operate scheduled international air services to other Pacific islands and Australia. Its main base is Nauru International Airport.

The azirline suspended all its flight operations in the name of Our airlines as it was changed to Nauru Airlines.

Main Hubs:
  • Nauru International Airport
  • (Primary Hubs)

The Fleet consists of these aircrafts:
  • Boeing 737-300 - 2

Our Airlines

  • Nauru (Nauru International Airport)
  • Brisbane, Australia (Brisbane International Airport)
  • Honiara, Solomon Islands (Honiara International Airport)

Our Airlines Profile

    The airline started its operations in February 1970 between Nauru and Brisbane. In 1996, airline came under the Civil Aviation Authority of Australia and Air Nauru was corporatized.

    The name Air Nauru was rebranded to ‘Our Airline’ in 2006. A Boeing 737-200 was added to the fleet in 1975 and a Boeing 727-100 (C2-RN4) on June, 1976. Our airlines, launched the aircraft 737-400 in 1996. The airline had a total of 144 employees.

Contact Details

    Postal Address PO Box 10355
    Adelaide Street
    Brisbane QLD 4000

    Street Address
    Level 3, 99 Creek Street
    Brisbane QLD 4000

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