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Air Norway

Norwegian Flights
Air Norway
It was the domestic and regional airline of Norway with its base in Orland Main Air Station on Fosen in Norway. Air Norway provided air flight services in the form of seven weekly flights to Ørland-Oslo and one weekly flight to Oslo-Aalborg.

Fairchild Metro flights started providing air flight services for Ørland-Oslo route in 2003. The airlines route was expanded to Aalborg in Denmark in 2004.

All the flight services of Air Norway were discontinued from October 2017.

Main Hubs:
  • Ørland Airport
  • (Primary Hubs)

Air Norway flights

Focus Cities:
  • Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

The Fleet consisted of these aircrafts:
  • 19-seat Fairchild SA-227AC Metro III

Air Norway Destinations

  • Denmark
  • Aalborg - Aalborg Airport

  • Norway
  • Oslo - Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

  • Fagernes - Fagernes Airport, Leirin
  • Trondheim - Trondheim Airport, Værnes
  • Ørland - Ørland Airport


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    Ørland lufthavn
    Tel: 72 52 27 90
    Fax: 72 52 27 95

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