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Pakistan Economy

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Pakistan Economy Profile

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Economy of Pakistan

Pakistan economy is the 27th largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) and 47th largest in nominal terms of the world. Pakistan export goods like textile (bed linen, yarn, cotton cloths), chemicals manufactures, rugs, leather etc. in many county like 22.4% in U.S., 15.4% in China, 4.7% in Germany, 6% in UK etc. Pakistanís main industries are textiles, transport equipment, steel, automobiles, paper products, clothing, beverages, chemicals etc.

Pakistan Economy

Pakistan is a low income country according to the World Bank because in 2010, population below poverty line is 40% and 15.2% population is unemployed. Gross domestic product (GDP) nominal in 2010 of Pakistan is $174.8 billion, GDP per capita is $2400 and GDP growth of 2011 is 2.2%. Pakistan currency is in Pakistani rupee (PKR); one rupee is equal to 100 paisaís. Pakistan faces much type of challenges like healthcare, electricity, education and dependence on foreign currency.

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Pakistan Economy Profile


    Source of income for Pakistan
    Pakistan economy is suffering with inflation rates approximately 30%. Agricultural industry is a good source of income for peoples. If we calculate the position, Pakistan is on 3rd number for Apricot, cotton and Chickpea, for mango is on 6th number, for rice and oranges is on 11th number, for sugarcane is on 5th number, for buffalo milk is on 2nd number and for wheat Pakistan is on 10th position.

    Pakistan tourism is a growing industry as a source of income for Pakistan citizens. Due to the many tourist places like Himalayan, Karakorum etc. the country attracts tourist for adventures tour. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi cities are good for Pakistan culture and food. These places attract the tourist of all around the world.

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