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Regional and Domestic Airlines 

Regional and Domestic Airlines
In the aviation industry smaller communities are connected to the larger cities through Regional Airlines, which sometimes are called as commuter airlines or feeder airlines. All the countries have their own national airlines with some other airlines catering to the specific regions within the country. Domestic airlines do not cross the international borders. Often the smaller communities are not able to feed support and service of larger aircrafts to sufficient passengers. Regional airlines provide aircraft services to such communities.

So many large airlines are there that are directly or indirectly associated to a regional airline. There is a substantial growth in so many regional airlines with the virtual mergers by some companies holding regional airlines.

Some regional airlines are subsidiaries of national airlines and these regional airlines sometimes connect the remote cities with major airports to comfort the passenger transfers. One of the good examples is a European regional airlines.

Even in the United States, the regional airlines are encouraged to connect a larger network by providing aircraft services from smaller communities to larger towns. Now the regional airlines are getting faster and larger with their aircrafts flying longer ranges and are more comfortable with better designs.

Domestic Flight Information

All the domestic and regional airlines have got their own flights schedule, destinations and fleet details. This information can be procured easily on the Internet with so many travel sites and portals regarding domestic and regional airlines are there.

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