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Airline In-Flight Services are facilities that are provided to the passengers on board by various airlines for better and comfortable journey. Different airlines provides different in-flight services. The passengers feel relaxed with these added airlines in-flight services provided in domestic inflight services and international inflight services. Some of the in-flight services can be categorized in the form of baggage service, inflight meals, in-flight magazines and in-flight entertainment.

Meals are the major in-flight service that is provided by different airlines.

Complimentary meals are offered by many of the international as well as domestic airlines with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options of American, European and Asian meals for various multi ethnic groups.

The preparation of these meals is health conscious so that the people who are health conscious can also take the taste of such delicacies. All the food prepared is high fibrous and with low carbohydrate. Packaged food items are also available in many domestic flights with non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic drinks during the flight time. Special attention is given to the diabetic patients for their diet.

One of the most required flight services includes in-flight entertainment.

All the passengers are equipped with high profile entertainment audio and video equipments to keep themselves away from monotony of the flights. Internet connection is also provided to them in many airlines to surf the web.

Passengers can take the recline position on the seats provided to read and take rest during the journey.
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Airlines Providing In-Flight Services: